The word “bizarre” is one that is often overused, but it truly is the only word that can accurately describe some of the strange things that have happened throughout history. For example, in 1933, a man in Illinois was hospitalized after he bit the head off of a live rat. In 1942, a British woman gave birth to a baby with two heads. And in 1977, a California man was arrested for driving down the freeway with a live alligator in his car.

Bizarre events like these are not just relegated to the past, either. In recent years, there have been plenty of strange happenings that could easily qualify as bizarre. In 2009, a woman in England gave birth to a baby with four legs and two spines. That same year, a man in Arizona was hospitalized after he bit the head off of a rattlesnake. In 2011, a woman in Florida gave birth to a baby with two heads and four arms.

So what is it about the bizarre that fascinates us so much? Perhaps it is the sense of mystery and intrigue that surrounds these strange events. Or maybe it is the way that they challenge our understanding of the world. Whatever the reason, the bizarre is a phenomenon that has intrigued people for centuries, and it is unlikely to lose its appeal any time soon.


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